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Our Staff

Dr. Evans' staff is comprised of a team of compassionate and competent care givers dedicated to creating a healthy environment and providing the necessary skills needed to assist you in obtaining your health care goals. Our staff provides more than 100 years of combined years of experience to serve you.


Dr. Stephen R. Evans, with 26 years execptional experience, has been described by his patients and colleagues as personable, kind, gentle and artistic as well as; professional, exacting, thorough and a meticulous researcher, scientist, inventor, teacher, dental pioneer and surgeon. He is the decendent of a "noble" line of health care providers. Medical Doctors; Thomas Benjamin Noble the I, II, III and IV were all exceptionally dedicated physicians and surgeons from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is married to Barbara Evans. Barbara brings 30 plus years executive management, administrative and educational training experience in support of her husband's mission. Jeremy Evans is a sophomore at Lindale High School and photographer for the yearbook. He is also interested in following his father and ancestors in the healing arts. Many others honor Dr. Evans for his fatherly and brotherly leadership skills and example. Ask them about how much they love to spend time with their extended family; Mom Evans, Jared, Amber, Emily, Brandon, Megan, Tamara, Bill, Amanda, Dillon, Randy, Amy, Matt, Gianna, Jim, Kim, CJ, Cooper, Kathren, Norman, Belinda, Patty, Mike, Beth, Ruth, John, Pam, and all of their family members. Dr. Evans loves all out door activities and finds many ways to honor God, his family, his patients, his friends and nature.

Kay Swinney has worked as Dr. Evans assistant for 22 years and is married to Duane Swinney. They have two daughters; Julie and Jessica who are exceptionally talented young women. Patients have come to rely upon Kay for her tireless hours of dedication to them. She is also dedicated to her youth at her church where she is a youth leader for teenagers. She and Duane also assist Jessica with her photography business.

Duane Swinney has worked with his wife, Kay and Dr. Evans for 10 years and provides his many skills for detail orientation which help the whole office function more efficiently and effectively. He is also youth leader in his church and spends countless hours shepherding teenagers through the challenges of maturing into adulthood. Ask Duane about his other interests for a fun conversation.


Dr. Nate Johnson has enjoyed serving people in dentistry since 2008. Those who know him would tell you how gentle and kind he is with his patients. Your comfort and interest are his main priorities. His undergraduate studies were started at Utah Valley university and completed at the University of Utah. He then earned his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry at Temple University. He Thoroughly enjoyed his educational experience with his wonderful wife and kids. He is now the proud father of five kids that are the sources of some of his greatest joys. Dr. Johnson enjoys being with his family, fly fishing, fly tying, fly rod building, shooting, reading and his thirst for learning new things in dentistry is unquenchable. He loves learning about and using new technologies and techniques that help you receive the highest quality of excellence in your oral care. He is very detail oriented and meticulous in everything he does which stands as one of his greatest qualities as a dentist. You can rest assured that the quality and excellence of care you will receive from Dr. Johnson will be his very best, which is exactly what you deserve. He feels that it is important to honor God by serving those around him. He is active in his church and feels that if one balances their lives with God, family, and service that one can be truly happy.