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The Team Effort

We Would Like to Acknowledge and Thank The Professionals Who Have Provided Their Wisdom and Trust in a Team Effort

A vital aspect for patients and professionals, is a strong support team committed to the highest of standards and committed to achieving wellness goals. For this reason, Dr. Evans works and learns with many other Healthcare Professionals.  The professionals listed are some of the individuals who have demonstrated exceptional ethics regarding their research and practices and are available to assist you in achieving your potential for dental health and for whole body systemic health. Dr. Evans considers these Healthcare Professionals trusted colleagues and team members devoted to their patients.

Jerry Boquot, DDS, MSD, FICD -
Patricia Braun, MD -
Mark Breiner DDS -
Stephanie Cave, MD -
PK Clark, DDS (implantologist) -
Stacy Cole, DDS -
Pieter de Wet MD
Robert "Bob" Evans, DMD -
William "Bill" Glaros, DDS -
Boyd Haley, PhD -
Gerald Harris, DO -
Fred Hughes - 
Richard Hull -
Malcolm Ing MD -
Yosh Jefferson, DMD -
Dr. Micheal Jackson
Alfred Johnson MD
Bill Kellas PhD
Gus Kotsanis MD
Bill Langston DDS
Micheal LeBlanc DDS
Nick Meyer DDS
David Rush DDS
John Sessions DO John Sessions, DO (409) 423-2166
Frank Setzler DO
Wes Shankland
Larry Sharp MD
Allen Sprinkle DDS
Mark Starr MD
Jerry Tennant, MD -
Judson Wall DDS