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We listen to our patients and comprehend there are many aspects of their life (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental; as well as, physical) that are affected by their dental health.  Most patients are referred to this office due to extraordinary dental challenges with the understanding that they need answers to help them make choices to nurture, exercise, improve, restore and balance their life.

Dental Services Requested and Reasons Why Patients Travel Distances Include:

Referrals by Dentists and Other Health Care Practitioners/Physicians
+ -

New Patient Consultation/Second Opinion

Alleviate Pain

Remove Infection

Correct Dysfunction


Professional Consultations/Instructions

Diagnosed Diseases

Diagnosed Sleep Apnea

Dental Anxiety

Special Dental Needs

Chemical Sensitivity,  Precautions and Consideration

Remove Infected Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth

Traumatized Teeth

Traumatized Jaw

Traumatized Face

Traumatized Gums

Traumatized Roots

Oral Lesions

Xrays/ Radiography

Dental Evaluation and Diagnosis

Restorative Services
+ -

Non-Metal Ceramic Fillings/Composites

Remove or Repair Defective Restorations/Amalgam Removal

Remove Recurrent Decay

Remove Defective and Deteriorating Restorations

Non-Metal Ceramic Crowns





Non-Metal Implants




Surgical Services
+ -

Remove Failing Root Canal

Alleviate dental…neuralgic like …gum, jaw, face pain

Remove Infection in Jaw

Biopsy Sent to Lab for Testing and Diagnosis

Periodontal Services
+ -

Deep Scale/ Root Planing

Perio Debridement

Gingival Grafting

Remove Infection in Gums

Decrease Bleeding of Gums

Gingivolplasty and Gingivectomy

Orthodontic Services
+ -

Appliances for Orthodontic Care

Correct Misaligned Bite Malocclusions

Misaligned Teeth

Buck Teeth

Crowded Teeth

Missing Teeth

Malocclusion and Pain


Under bite

Spaces in Between Teeth

Appliances for General Dentistry

Dysfunctional Dental Related Habits
+ -

Teeth Grinding

Teeth Clenching


Help Correct Jaw Joint Dysfunction

Sleep Snoring Devices