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Thank You Smiles

“My dental (and of course physical) health crashed from a 20-year old general dentistry injury to a first-molar socket that I had no idea had progressed to a very serious osteomyelitis in surrounding bone. Extreme good fortune led me to Dr. Steve Evans, who I am convinced literally saved my life from what was for me a frightening health emergency. Dr. Evans' expert surgical techniques and compassionate treatment were the most gentle, thorough, and effective medical intervention I've experienced in my life: I healed beautifully in total comfort and did not need a single post-op pain pill. My overall health has responded with dramatic improvements in vitality and well being. Thank you, Dr. Evans, for your very sensitive and excellent patient-centered care ! I recommend you and your team at every opportunity!”

-Camilla Crone

Fayetteville, Arkansas

“I began with Dr. Tennant and the Biomodulator therapy and technology then I moved away, during this time my health deteriorated and I had episodes of high blood pressure, and finally a cardiac stent. As a chiropractor I was living the healthiest life I could, but it was not enough. I began to follow Dr. Tennant’s instructions with thyroid, iodine, and had my amalgams removed by Dr. Evans. I began to feel much much better. My energy level rose. My sleeplessness gradually began to normalize, but on an inconsistent basis. I am now having additional dental work done; root canal teeth removed, and other capped teeth cleaned up. I am looking forward to continued improvement in my health. Thank You Dr. Evans!”

-Jackie C.

“Dr. Evans is an extraordinary dentist. I know that because he’s been my dentist for more than 20 years. He sees that patients are safe and comfortable, without pain, so he then can spend all the time necessary to apply the art and science of a master. Dr. Evans has never met a tooth he didn’t like, didn’t think he could save - and make beautiful again. He is really extraordinary”

-Donna Isaacs

“I have had many years of experience with various doctors and dentist and I really like my local dentist for teeth cleaning however, I travel from Oklahoma to see Dr. Stephen Evans and believe he is an exception in dentistry. He is committed to dental health that leads to the health of the whole body now and later. All restoration and crown materials are compatible with my body. He removed a diseased tooth that had crumbled and had diseased bone involvement. This was done without any resulting pain after the procedure or during the process I did not need to take any pain medications. I did not have any bruising or swelling and I now feel great. Thank you very much Dr. Evans”

-Lonnie Carlton

“Dr. Evans has been my dentist for 16 years. As a general dentist he was able to provide all my dental needs. He has effectively removed all my failing fillings and given me a healthy mouth and a healthier body. The most recent care was for invisalign orthodontic therapy and restored my smile.

-Linda Moorhead